From time to time we here at Kecals are asked questions about our decals and services.  Here are some frequently asked questions we get.  Hopefully these help clear up some of your questions so theres no need to contact us.  If you do still have any questions let us know! We will be happy to help.


Q: What is a die-cut decal?

A: Die-cut means a design cut from a solid color roll of vinyl, then the access is weeded out leaving the design.  If the design is 2 colors then we have to layer the second color on the first color.  If you look at the pictures of our decals, the part you receive is the black or colored portion.  The white areas are weeded out (unless stated otherwise in the description) and the surface you apply the decal to will be shown.


Q: Do you have any printed decal designs?

A: Not at this time.  Printed decals are decals where multiple colors can be printed on one layer of vinyl.  Same concept as a desktop home printer.  We do not yet have a printer to supply this type of work.  


Q: Do you have bulk pricing? I would like to order a decent amount of the same design.

A: Yes we do.  If you do want to order quite a few of the same design please send us an email. (Example 10+ of the same design.) Our email is orders@kecals.com  Let us know what decal you want to order in bulk, quantity, and color(s).  This will make the transaction the quickest.  We will then get back to you with an updated price.  You need to email us though our products don't have a discount if you order a certain amount.


Q: I would like a custom design, do you offer that?

A: Yes!  Go to our customs page and submit your request, we will work diligently to present a design that you will like!


Q: I have a design already, can I send it to you for you guys to make decals?

A: Yes of course.  Hopefully you have your design in one of the following formats - (.eps .pdf .ai .png).  If not, the largest file you can send to us is the best.  We will have to re-design the file and the larger the image the better.


Q: Do you offer free shipping?

A: YES!!!! We ship free in the USA.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes we do!  We ship to Canada for a flat rate of $4.00 and we can ship to most any other country for a rate of $5.00 per order.  At checkout if you do not see your country let us know and we will add if for you right away! International orders are sent without a tracking number.  It is very expensive to add that option.  So expect 7-14 days for your item(s) to arrive.  Thanks! 

 Q: Do you do team sports apparel?

A: We most certainly do!  Contact us at orders@kecals.com to inquire about placing an order.